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Grinday Shape Up - Thermogenic - 60 capsules / 720mg

Dietary supplement. Contains standardized plant extracts and active ingredients with proven action. The supplement undergoes microbiological tests. It does not contain dyes and fillers. Suitable for vegans.

Increases thermogenesis of the body.*

Suppresses the appetite.*

Stimulates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.*

Supports detoxification and cleansing the body.*

Contributes to weight control.*

Stimulates, increases concentration, reduces fatigue.*

Contributes to the maintenance of a normal blood sugar level.*

Contributes to the maintenance of the proper metabolism of macronutrients.*

High caffeine content ; not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating mothers (100 mg per serving – 2 capsules).

*(Due to the content of Malabar tamarind fruit extract (Garcinia cambogia); bitter orange extract; nettle extract; paprika extract; anhydrous caffeine and guarana extract; vitamin B6; chromium; guarana extract).