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Grinday Relan - Mood Support - Good Mood, Calming, Anti-Stress - dietary supplement - 60 capsules / 720 mg
Natural dietary supplement being a mixture of patented Sensoril®, Serenzo™, Saffr’Activ® plant extracts, standardized active ingredients and vitamins. Does not contain dyes, anti-caking agents and fillers. Supplement suitable for vegans.

Supports the body's resistance to stress1

Supports mental and physical well-being1

Helps to maintain emotional balance1

Helps in maintaining a positive attitude2

Helps in relaxation2

Takes care of the proper functioning of the nervous system4,5

Helps you stay alert and healthy3

Helps to maintain physical and mental functions3

*( 1 Due to Ashwagandha; 2 Due to saffron; 3 Due to ginseng; 4 Due to niacin; 5 Due to vitamin B6)