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Grinday Mind Up - Mind Memory Concentration* - 60 capsules / 720 mg

Dietary supplement. Contains standardized plant extracts and active ingredients with proven action. The supplement undergoes microbiological tests. It does not contain dyes and fillers. Suitable for vegans.

Supports memory and prevents fatigue.*
Stimulates and increases concentration.*
Has adaptogenic and energizing effects.*
Supports alertness and cognitive functions.*
Supports natural mental energy.*
Supports the preservation of mental capacity in the event of weakness, fatigue and loss of concentration.*
Contributes to the improvement of blood supply to the brain, which affects its efficiency and reaction speed.*

*( 1 * (Due to the content of Rhodiola Rose; Ashwagandha; Korean ginseng)


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Grinday Energik - Energy Vitality - dietary supplement - 60 capsules / 720 mg each
Natural dietary supplement being a mixture of patented enXtra™, KSM-66®, Bacopin®, BioPerine®, Centellin® plant extracts, standardized active ingredients and vitamins. Does not contain dyes, anti-caking agents and fillers. Supplement suitable for vegans.

Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue​6

Supports body vitality and memory1,2

Contributes to the revitalization of the nervous system4,7

Supports physical and mental well-being1

Helps build resistance to stress1

Contributes to the maintenance of proper energy metabolism5,7,8

Helps in maintaining good cognitive performance2,3

Contains caffeine; not recommended for children and pregnant women (100 mg in the recommended daily dose (2 capsules)).

*( 1 Due to ashwagandha root extract; 2 Due to bacopa herb extract; 3 ​ Due to Centella asiatica extract; 4 Due to black pepper fruit extract; 5 Due to vitamin B6; 6 ​ Due to vitamin B12; 7 Due to pantothenic acid; 8 Due to niacin)