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NoOxi - Antioxidant Formula - 60 capsules / 720 mg
Natural dietary supplement with strong antioxidants. Contains standardized plant extracts and active ingredients with proven effects, without dyes and fillers. The supplement undergoes microbiological tests. Product suitable for vegetarians.

Helps to protect cells against oxidative stress1,2,3

Helps to protect cells against free radicals4

Has antioxidative properties8

Supports the cell membrane against the effects of free radicals9

Takes part in the process of cell division5

Contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system6,7

Supports the proper functioning of the nervous system8

*( 1 Due to selenium; 2 Due to vitamin C; 3 ​ Due to vitamin E; 4 Due to Knotweed root; 5 Due to folate; 6 ​ Due to vitamin D; 7 Due to vitamin B12; 8 Due to turmeric; 9 Due to grape seed extract)


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Imuno - Immune Support - Immunity - dietary supplement - 60 capsules / 720 mg.

Natural dietary supplement. Contains unique, patented ingredients M-Gard® and Echipower™ as well as vitamins C, D and zinc. "Clean label" product - clean composition, without artificial colors, anti-caking agents and fillers. Product suitable for vegetarians.

Stimulates natural defence mechanisms1,5

Has a soothing effect on the mouth, throat and vocal cords1

Strengthens the immune system and innate defense mechanisms of the body2,3,4

Helps to protect cells against oxidative stress4

Brings relief for ticklish throat and larynx1

*( 1 Due to Echinacea; 2 Due to beta-glucan; 3 ​ Due to vitamin D; 4 Due to vitamin C; 5 Due to zinc)